Heath Computers Remote Support     

Heath Computers don't believe in charging you the earth. Prices start from as little as £100 for a one page site*.

Obviously, if you want something more spectacular, then that will be reflected in the price, but we strive to be as cost effective as possible. For a free, no obligation quotation contact us and be prepared to be surprised at just how little it will cost compared to other companies offering the same services.

*example £100 page includes background, page logo, two pictures, contact details, email link, and 500 words. We can provide comprehensive copywriting services for an extra charge and according to your specific requirements. (From £25 per first page of up to 500 words, then from £20 per page thereafter, depending on specifications and any research such as provision of up to date statistics etc.)

CGI/PHP/Java Scripts

Why settle for just plain old HTML on your site??

These scripting languages allow your site to have more functionality and effects. These range from mouseovers, graphics effects, such as changing images, scrolling banners, hit counters, timers and many more.

If you have something in mind, then contact us, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Content Management Systems

We can install and configure third party Content Management Systems, such as:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Other third party software

As well as content management systems, we can install and configure shopping carts, forums, calendars.  Whatever your specific needs, we will have a solution so please do to contact us for an initial, no obligation phone consultation.

Copywriting Services

We also have an experienced in-house copywriter who can engage with you directly to enhance your website, ensure your content is as strong as possible so that your message reaches your target market. Charges are per page, or can be incorporated into a comprehensive and tailored package.

Social Media Management/Marketing

We can also administer your Social Media Management either full or part time or in absentia (holiday cover etc.) We can pin your social media to your website as well as add blogs etc. in order to create a comprehensive, cohesive digital presence.


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